Room 330: Monday Morning
Jack is confused, What?
After spending the entire weekend hiding in his room with girl parts because of availability fail, Jack was quite happy to be back to his normal guy-self.

However after listening to this morning's radio courtesy of GLaDOS, Jack was his usual no-internal-monologue self.

"Okay. Crazy computer thing with a thing for neurotoxins is on the radio now."

Jack mulled that over for a few minutes before shrugging and rolling out of bed.

"Still beats doing radio with Madrox."

[Door closed, post open]

Room 330: Thursday Morning
After getting up early for a long jog, Jack returned to the room, showered and then began getting ready for the day.

Unfortunately he had not done laundry lately. Which meant there were no shorts to wear after his run. Which mean he either had to wear dress pants or not leave the room.

"Man. I really don't want to wear pants today."

One of these days his inability to have an inner monologue is going to get him in trouble.

[Open. Any similar statements uttered by me this morning is completely possible but not proven in a court of law.]

Room 330: Wednesday Evening
Woobie Face, SARAH locked me out
After experiencing the creepiest class ever, Jack was now back in his room hugging his laptop.

"I'll never call you creepy again," Jack promised.

"Is there a reason why you're hugging me?" SARAH the laptop asked.

"Don't say anything and ruin the moment," Jack said patting the computer housing.

And yes, anyone looking through the open door right now might find that a little weird.

OOC: Post of availability/Neener-Neener!
So I've been on vacation since late last week and have completely forgot to post things. Sorry about that. Internet is slightly sketchy and honestly I have a beach, sun and family to hang out with. It truly does not get better than this. Also time is somewhat relative as I have no idea what time or what day it usually is.

Anyhow, Jamie is a chihuahua with modding rights from Jaye. I will remember post study hall for the rat of the week. Promise! As for the rest they are lurking about the island but are mostly NFI and mod dab.e by their respective roomies.

Now if you'll excuse me there's beer for me to drink and sunshine to bask in.

Neener. Neener.

Room 330: Monday Afternoon
Thoughtful, Hmm
Jack's summer at home in Eureka had been fairly un-eventful. By Eureka's standards it meant there was only two occasions where the world was about to end and Cafe Diem only got wrecked once. Unfortunately there was one final bit of strangeness that happened where the molecular density of certain objects was effected due to a slight change in the vibration frequency of the rotational and translational motion of atoms.

Not that Jack understood all of that. It just meant for some reason the car he was going to take to the airport had turning into a pudding-like consistency. (But without that pudding tasting goodness.)

So as a result Jack had missed the picnic of the newbies and arrived a couple of days late. Coming into the room he saw that Annie's belongings was now gone and someone else's had replaced it. Jack frowned slightly. It wasn't that getting a new roommate was bad it was just that Annie had been the type of person Jack could count on to be as freaked out as he was when the weird stuff started happening in Fandom. It made things seem more normal.

Then again Annie had licked a doorknob at one point so maybe normal-ness was overrated.

He made a mental note to send Annie an e-mail when he got settled and started working on unpacking his stuff.

[Power on! Me have internets! Door and post open!]

The No Power Shuffle
Hi all! Power is out for my region of Ohio for the next 5-7 days. I was hoping to ping into the picnic and get back to regular game play this weekend but that so isn't happening now. Huge bummer. Oh, well. Catch up with you all once power and internets are restored!

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Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro - Room 315 - Evening
I'm trying to erase that visual
After spending another day on the beach, Jack had successfully blocked most of the embarassing memories that had happened the night before.

At least until the phone rang.Collapse )

Jack groaned and flopped on his bed. "I hate technology."

Eureka: The wee hours of Saturday Morning
Zoe was in trouble. Anyone who knew Zoe would realize that this is a common occurrence. This time the trouble was not her fault. Really. I mean could she help it that her father didn't know how to knock? Granted she hadn't done anything yet with her chia pet haired of a boyfriend but...

Well, let's just say that her dad had been sent into a state of utter silence and seemed to be unable to utter anything than incomprehensible syllables before he had to march out of the room.

And it was enough to worry Zoe that she was up way to early and decided the best way to get advice on this subject was to call that clone of her father on the East coast. It was early there but Zoe was sure that Clone!Jack wouldn't mind.

This can't be good...Collapse )

Zoe quickly terminated the call and threw the phone across the room before curling up into a fetal position. And then there was the realization.

"Oh, God! This is what Dad feels like!"

When Eureka meets Fandom? There's not enough therapy in the world to fix the brain damage.

Caritas: Saturday Afternoon
"Hi there. I'm Mike Rowe and today our intrepid crew has travelled off the coast of Maryland to an island called Fandom where a local Karaoke bar has been serving up good times and good music for the last six years. Only catch? The music is played by a bunch of zombies. No. I'm not kidding."

In which Tino is declared an unsung heroCollapse )

[ooc: NFI since I'm mostly AFK. OOC is okay. Caritas modded with permission No icon swap because apparently Colin Ferguson gets mistakenly taken for Mike Rowe on a regular basis. Plus I'm lazy]

Room 330: Wednesday Morning
I'm trying to erase that visual
Everyone once in a while, Jack would come in from his morning run and catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror and be surprised.

Even though it had been months since he had been cloned, Jack still wasn't used to seeing a teenaged version of himself staring back from him in the mirror. When it happened it would always take a few moments for him to realize just exactly how weird it was that he was standing here looking like he was 16-17 years old.

Most days he could shrug it off. Other days he sit there and ponder how his life was just a carbon copy of someone else's. It wasn't a pleasant thought.

And today of all days he got an orchestral arrangement to go along with that clone angst.Collapse )

The music then finished quietly as well and Jack hung his head with a sigh.

Only for it snap up a few seconds later.



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